Every month or so I go out for a few beers with my mates from the Pauloton (road) and Wheezers (MTB). I’m usually successful at keeping it to three (OK, four) on a weeknight, but on a Friday or Saturday things can get a bit out of hand. I remember in particular an evening a few years ago when so many of us turned up that the jugs seemed to arrive in a continuous stream; each joke or story was funnier than the last, the night was warm, the beer tasted great, and before we knew it we’d been there five hours and the pub was closing. I rode home with tunnel vision, which was a blessing, as it made me unbelievably cautious. One of my idiot mates wasn’t so lucky, crashing into bushes on a poorly lit bike path and injuring himself (again) in a minor way.

A Bicycle Network Australia story by Margot McGovern – Risky business, 3 December 2013 – inspired me to write this blog entry. Read it to find out the rules that apply to cycling and alcohol intoxication in your state.

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