Editing costs

Enormous variety in writing and editing tasks means the costs of projects vary greatly. In editing, the initial quality of the material has a huge impact on the amount of time required; I’ll look over your material (in confidence), then provide an estimate (see my get an estimate page) of total cost.

My aim is to satisfy my clients. I work as fast as I can without sacrificing quality so that clients get results on time and within budget.

Hourly rates

My standard rate is $120 per hour (plus GST), but students paying for themselves are charged $99/hr (these rates are in Australian dollars, so for other currencies, try the XE.com converter). Depending on the amount of work I have, I’ll occasionally accept a lower hourly rate for PhD theses and other large projects.

Total costs

Typical editing speeds are 2,000 words/hr for documents that need a fair bit of work (or if your first language isn’t English, in most cases), and 5,000 words/hr if very minor copyediting and proofreading are required. So, to edit a thesis of 70,000 words might cost $1386-$3465, and an essay of 10,000 words $198-$495.  I add surcharges for jobs with very tight deadlines that require me to work late at night or on weekends or holidays.

Campbell Aitken

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