Although I’ll tackle any editing or writing job, I specialise in writing, editing and proofreading academic and scientific material. Go to my thesis editing page for more detail about thesis editing and how I can help you to improve your paper or grant.


I can help improve your written communication in several ways.

  • Structural editing: improving the structure of your document to produce a logical flow of ideas and improve overall readability.
  • Copyediting: correcting paragraph and sentence structure, spelling, grammar, expression and formatting – making your text clear, concise, comprehensible, consistent and correct.
  • Proofreading: picking up and correcting errors such as typos, missing words, misspellings, and incorrect punctuation.
  • Culling: editing documents – such as journal articles and applications for grants and promotions – to meet strict word limits, without losing their essence.
  • ‘Audience fitting’: reorienting your documents to suit the intended audience.
  • Engaged editing: constructively criticising and questioning and working with you to improve your document in a back-and-forth process. This is more time-consuming than a simple edit-and-return process but produces better results.

Many fields and businesses need someone to find and analyse information and generate lucid, concise and meaningful text. My history of producing publications ranging from scientific articles to brochures, posters and websites demonstrates I can write – or support you to write – the document you need quickly and efficiently.

I’ve designed and written successful applications for many competitively-funded research and evaluation projects, and my quantitative and qualitative abilities and general research skills have enabled me to complete them within time and budget. As a consultant or project manager, I can help your project achieve its goals.

Campbell Aitken

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