White whines

Know the website White Whine (A Collection of First-World Problems)? It’s an occasionally hilarious collection of rich-kid whinges about all sorts of topics – things like being really annoyed that your sister hogged your iPad for twenty minutes, or reporting boredom while on holiday in Rome. My kids and their cousins are great at this sort of thing, as demonstrated by the following choice items recorded over recent months.

  • I’m really sick of flying! (Response: let’s drive the 650 km from Melbourne to Canberra next time)
  • Why do we have to go on so many holidays? (Response: we need them to assuage the pain of going to work and looking after you lot)
  • Why does this house have only one toilet? (Response: believe it or not, once upon a time the vast majority of houses had one toilet. And one television)
  • What, there’s really no dishwasher in the holiday house!? (Response: yes, but it comes complete with adult slaves – aka parents)

No doubt this is a generational thing: I’m sure my brothers and I whinged about being the last family in Warrnambool without a colour television, occasionally having to wash our hair with soap instead of shampoo, etc. What will my (currently theoretical) grandchildren whinge about?

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